Welcome, my name is Lily Santana i was born and raised in one of the biggest cities " Washington DC" which i still reside in. I am a spiritualist, psychic, witch , clairvoyant, healer, herbalist, root worker, tarot reader and mother. My spiritual journey began as a adolescent when i started noticing i was able to connect with the spiritual world and connect with spirits who have passed away. As a adolescent i was having visions, visions that i didn't understand neither were clear. As the years went by my visions and my connection with the spiritual world strengthened. I eventually found i was not the only spiritualist, psychic, witch, clairvoyant, healer, herbalist, root worker, tarot reader in my family. We have always tend to keep our spiritual gifts a secret from the world to not be judged. Eventually my spiritual journey on social media began when the universe called upon me to help the world; to give clarity, knowledge and healing. As a witch i pratice white magic and black magic spirituality; which is involved with ancient Mexican and African witchcraft. As a witch i preform certain rituals with different deities, spirits, the universe and angels. 

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